Turning your blood blue: How anthocyanins help maintain vascular health

A recent study has revealed that anthocyanins seemed to improve blood flow and may help maintain vascular health after 1 month of daily intake. Anthocyanins are found in many fruits, vegetables and other plants, conferring them their red, purple or blue colors. Some examples are many berries such as blueberries (such as the referenced article), blackberry, raspberry, bilberry; as well as other plants such as eggplant, black rice, red cabbage and red apples.

The beneficial effects of anthocyanin-rich foods and purified extracts on vascular health have been fairly known (for a review, see Experts explain their mechanism of action as protectors against oxidative stress in the endothelial cells (,, as well as increasing endothelial nitric oxide synthase, which in turn helps create nitric oxide, a vasodilator (,

Similarly, Metabolaid® is a proprietary blend based on hibiscus and lemon verbena extracts, developed by Monteloeder. The hibiscus, which is another anthocyanin-rich plant, as well as the lemon verbena, are submitted through a unique process to obtain some of the highest purified extracts in the market in anthocyanins and verbascoside. The synergistic effect of these polyphenols has been scientifically demonstrated to have significant results for weight management and cardiovascular health (doi: 10.1039/c8fo00367j, doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-39159-5), when accompanied by an isocaloric diet and regular exercise. Thanks to EU funds granted through an SME Instrument phase II project (grant number 783838), we are currently undergoing additional clinical studies to further demonstrate the efficiency of the ingredient, in a larger number of participants and for a longer period of time.

In conclusion, there is an increasingly large body of evidence regarding the effect of polyphenolic compounds, such as anthocyanins, in helping to maintain an individual’s vascular health, when combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet. In this sense, Metabolaid® can be an ideal companion for those looking for a heart-healthy solution.

Jonathan Jones, PhD

Product Development Manager & Digital Health Scientific Adviser