“UV protetion effect ” The solution of summer market

In Korea, The ultraviolet rays are particularly strong in summer. Therefore, the customer is showing interest in the products related to UV protection. 

Among many types of UV protection products in Korea, People are always considered new sunscreen products based on their skin types. Mostly If someone has sensitive skin, they are avoiding to use sunscreen products with high SPF that can cause irritation or reaction on the skin. Thus, there are new movements are targeting at this UV market as the solution of the summer market.  

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To an end the Italian alert on curcuma

Last Friday (26/07/2019) the last months’ alert on turmeric supplements, suspected of being responsible for about twenty cases of cholestatic hepatitis in Italy, has come to an end, [1].

The team of experts appointed by the Ministry of Health who conducted the investigations and analyses did not identify a direct correlation with a specific extract or dosage of curcumin, and excluded the presence of contaminants or voluntarily added substances; the literature data and the information provided by the other Member States, where similar reports had emerged, were also evaluated. Continue reading To an end the Italian alert on curcuma

Japan-EU free trade agreement

After a long process of negotiations that began in 2013 and not without differences between both parties, finally the European Union and Japan signed a Free Trade Economic Agreement on 1 February. Specifically, the Agreement contemplates the elimination of tariffs between both geographical areas. In addition to facilitating economic transactions between both economies, this milestone involves sending a clear message from two of the world’s most prosperous economies that international trade is moving in the opposite direction of protectionism and towards globalization. It supposes a brave bet in the present times where in some western countries the populisms that champion protectionism and anti-globalization messages enjoy more and more followers.

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Air Pollution in Vietnam And the Effects on its People

With the rapid urbanization in South East Asia, most countries in this region were affected by air pollution which includes Vietnam. Vietnam, home to 95 million people and a rapidly developing country is currently facing serious issue of air pollution.

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The “AVANZA-S” project achieves new milestones in the research of healthier foods and advanced packaging

The Centre for Industrial and Technology Development (CDTI) of the Spanish Ministry of Economy has reviewed and certified the third year of the R&D project “Research and experimental development of new healthy food products and advanced packaging solutions” (AVANZA-S).

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World Hypertension Day

Today is World Hypertension Day. High blood pressure is one of the most prevalent health conditions in the world, with almost half of adults in certain regions affected Also, it is called the “silent killer”, as it is the deadliest risk factor for global death, and its presence is unknown by a large number of adults.

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Monteloeder in Vitafoods: record of new contacts

Vitafoods Europe international trade show took place last week in Geneva. In this edition, more than 22,000 visitors from almost 120 countries attended the fair to see the latest developments in the nutraceutical field as well as meet industry peers.

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Skincare matters for men

A face without spots and wrinkles, radiant and hydrated denote a well-groomed, healthy and elegant appearance. When we do not care and protect our face, agents such as pollution, sun or cold weather end up damaging it. Many people think that only women are aware of this aspect, but more and more men care about their image. We live in a society where the visual plays a very important role and men don’t ignore this reality. Just write the word “skincare for men” in the YouTube search engine and hundreds of videos will pop up. Some of them even have several million views. Or if we write in the Google search engine the same phrase, “skincare for men”, we will have more than 50 million results in front of us.

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It is well known that our health is strongly influenced by a proper diet and appropriate supplementation. This concept can obviously be extended to our skin beauty and care, and the related nutricosmetic sector (beauty from within) is growing in terms of sales and new launches, as evidenced by the large amount of articles and post on this topic.