Our mission

Our mision is to deliver scientifically validated innovative products that consumers can trust and use to improve their quality of life.

Our botanical ingredients



Ingredients based on scientific studies and expert selection of innovative botanical biomolecules

Premium Botanical Extracts

High-quality functional ingredients suitable as traditional nutraceuticals

Premium Botanical Extracts


Ingredientes con tradición de uso como nutracéuticos


Ingredientes innovadores y de marca

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What customers say about us

“The R&D team at Monteloeder is a delight to work with—their clinical work & unique ingredient formulations bring a sense of newness to the dietary supplement field.”

Tabitha Daley

Senior Research and Development Specialist

“Being able to extract the different active principles, the potential in analysis for the different regulatory and specific needs, as well as the personal and professional treatment of the commercial team, make us decide to work with Monteloeder”

Mikel Aramendi Esteibar

Purchasing Manager

“Working with Monteloeder means working with a Company which, in turn, is characterized by actives / raw materials of high scientific profile, baked by technical documentation and studies that rarely are found in the nutraceutical field. ”

Michele Borgognone

Scientific Director at PL Pharma Srl

We started collaborating with Monteloeder more than 18 years ago. What impressed us were their internal scientists, their connections and collaborations with local universities and researchers, …

Jon Anderson

President at Actives International

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