ZeroPollution: Road tour in Japan

During the first week of March, we have presented ZeroPollution in various cities of Japan. It has been an intense “Road Tour” but we are very satisfied with the reception of the product by the beauty salons of Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Kobe.

The Medicube company has developed the “Be Max The Earth” concept, which contains ZeroPollution as the main ingredient for the beauty salon channel. ZeroPollution is our latest development and is a natural ingredient that prevents and protects orally from the adverse effects caused by pollution. Pollution is a global problem that is increasingly aggravated by urbanization and industrialization.

From Monteloeder, Dr. Nuria Caturla was in charge of carrying out the technical presentations of the product in the different cities. At the time of the event, the first month of the clinical study that we are carrying out with ZeroPollution was concluded, so Dr. Nuria Caturla was able to share the first results, which are being very positive in terms of skin protection of the adverse effects of pollution. Paula Guill√≥, Miss Spain 2010, was also present on the Road Tour as the ambassador of our Nutroxsun ingredient for oral sun protection. The hundreds of attendees that in total attended the presentations showed great interest in the product both for its novelty and for addressing a problem that we are all exposed to, that is, the negative effects that contamination has on the skin. From here we would like to thank our distributor in Japan WillFarm and the company Medicube for the excellent organization of the “Road Tour” and for the success in terms of people attending.

Ignacio Cartagena

Vice President, Sales