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Spring Festival: family reunion, red envelopes and excessive calories

Spring Festival or widely known as Chinese New Year is celebrated annually to welcome the new year in Chinese tradition. The festival is celebrated around the world in countries with significant Chinese population from Asia, Oceania, Europe (London) to North America.

Chinese New Year is always associated with a family reunion, red envelopes, gift exchanges, fireworks, music, movie, flowers and last but not least food. Food intake during festive season could be excessively coupled with reduced physical activities leads to undesirable weight gain that contributes to metabolic syndrome.

Snacks and treats during this festival are loaded with calories due to the high sugar content. The calories require a lot of effort to burn.

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According to the Ministry of Health Malaysia, an individual could easily gain weight of 0.5 kg to 1 kg with an additional 500 kcal per day of food intake within a week. In order to burn 500 kcal, the activities below are suggested;


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