MetabolAid: H2020 project, instrument between Monteloeder and the UCAM

The last day January 22nd, an agreement was signed for the clinical trial of the MetabolAid H2020 project, an SME instrument between Monteloeder and the Universidad Católica de Murcia (UCAM).

The relationship between UCAM and Monteloeder is strengthened by the research project that continues to make progress in its goal of creating a product with many health benefits.

These two great institutions are working closely to develop a new product that is backed by the European Commission and is one of the most important branded ingredients in the fight against metabolic syndrome: MetabolAid.

The agreement between Monteloeder and UCAM was signed yesterday at an event in which the CEO of Monteloeder also highlighted the professionalism of the individuals leading the project. “The quality of their professionals was of interest to us for the project“, stated Arturo Lizón during the presentation at the UCAM facility. “This project is presented jointly and the European Commission has also noted the potential that these professionals have to offer“.

The scientific project will move ahead with the two-year agreement that is funded by the European Commission as part of H2020. “The contract is for a significant amount of money“, confirmed Estrella Núñez, Vice-Rector of Research at UCAM.

With this new relationship, the university and the company strive to prove the effectiveness of a product that targets Metabolic Syndrome and everything involved, such as regulating blood pressure and obesity.

According to Francisco Javier López, Director of Exercise Physiology at UCAM, “When the product they are working on is ingested, it has a series of biological properties that are relevant to Metabolic Syndrome“.