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The changing market needs and sales channel according to environment situations.


Nowadays, Coronavirus (Coronavirus Disease 2019, COVID 19) is a new global problem. Coronavirus has spread to the world more than the first infection started country.

In South Korea, the first case reported of Coronavirus was identified as a 35-year old Chinese woman on the 20th of January and three days later, 55 year-old man who worked in Wuhan, China and returned for a check up with flu symptoms on the 24th of January. After that, the number of confirmed cases was increased by 20 January to 20 February and It’s mostly participated in a gathering a Sincheonji Church in Daegu, South Korea.

Recently, the infected people are in decline but we haven’t completely overcome the Coronavirus situations.

According to this situation, the government has introduced a code of conduct related to the respiratory disease caused by Coronavirus and the need for the guideline of COVID 19 is understood and accepted.

South Korea officials enacted a key reform, allowing the government to give near-instantaneous approval to testing system in emergency and set up drive-through test stations. Furthermore, the government distributed COVID-19 Guideline and hand sanitizers in all bus stations and entrance of housing area. And also, the Korea government institutions are recommended to wear a mask and social distancing (6feet,1.8m) campaign.

The Coronavirus pandemic in South Korea is showing signs of changing sales channel from offline to online. 

According to the report of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) by KANTAR, during this January to February 2020 the total amount of purchasing FMCG has been increased 14.4 percent up from last year, food areas increased 23.6%, but non-food areas decreased 4.9% compared with January to February last year. And also, the online purchase increased 86.7% Food compare with between January and February 2020.

growth supermarket channel Coronavirus

growth supermarket channel Coronavirus

The people purchase the food through online are usually drink and regular foods but also interested in dietary supplement; immunity (Red Ginseng Vitamins). This situation is likely to lead to new changes in sales channels.

Reference : kantar worldpanel

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