New rules! Same problems!

On the 27th of March, after many years of requests from the Spanish Nutraceuticals industry, the first draft of a sort of health claim policy have been published.

For one time, this new law tries to introduce limitation in terms of maximum quantities of certain actives, and also the advices that must be included on the boxes.

Unfortunately, as in too many countries all over the world, nobody wants to take the responsibility of allowing certain claims depending on the traditional use of the plants.

The main problem is that we are not allowed to write anything on box but, on the other hand, you have a simple research on Internet, and I am not talking about scientific databases, you will find a huge list of “therapeutic activity” of a certain plant, against many severe diseases.

Here is the real problem. How could we separate the traditional use of a certain plant, let us talk about verbena against stress, or garlic as a natural antibiotic, among many others? What about the richness of the Amazon Rainforest? What about the traditional herbal medicine in India, China or Peru? And what about a “Miracle product for sexual health” which includes sildenafil which is not even indicated in the composition of the product.

I think that the authorities should rely more on the serious players and go against the one who do not respect the good health. Because we are talking about overall health. Or maybe not?

It will continue…

Axel Salomon

Europe Sales Director