Move!PLX is a botanical extract derived from the leaves of the Lippia citriodora plant (also known as Aloysia triphylla or lemon verbena). This plant, native to South America, has been traditionally used in Europe in the form of teas and drinks, especially the Mediterranean, for its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. Currently, lemon verbena is widely used in cosmetics, soaps/detergents, as well as in culinary dishes due to its lemony flavor and smell.

Lemon verbena has a high polyphenolic content, being verbascoside one of the most abundant. These polyphenols confer the plant the wellness properties described. In this sense, Move!PLX is obtained through a unique extraction process to concentrate the final product in verbascoside, resulting in one of the most purified forms available in the market with this plant.


A study about move!plx was awarded the 2nd National Prize in Sports Medicine in 2008



move!plx has a unique composition, with one of the highest polyphenolic content in the market. This makes move!plx  a perfect candidate for your formulation, with a low daily dose that allows it to be implemented with other possible ingredients.


move!plx´s extraction process is truly unique and completely natural. Furthermore, it is Kosher and Halal certified, and Monteloeder is GMP-certified, following the strictest standards in the industry. 


move!plx is the result of more than 10 years of research, with more than 8 published articles, 5 of which are clinical studies. This ingredient has been developed in collaboration with the Sports Research Center and Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology of the University Miguel Hernandez in Elche. Through this collaboration with renown experts in the  sports and nutrition fields, we have been able to demonstrate the benefits of move!plx  in maintaining an active lifestyle, protecting the joints and muscles from exercise-induced injuries. The quality of this ingredient was recognized in a national Congress of Sports Medicine in 2008, where it won 2nd prize in the best sports ingredient category. 




Move!PLX helps to enhance the body’s natural antioxidant defenses.

It is well known that exercise has many health benefits. However, physical activity also causes muscle and joint cells to create free radicals (also known as reactive oxygen species, ROS) as by-products from making energy to promote movement. These free radicals are capable of damaging the cells and cause inflammation, pain, and stiffness. As a consequence, we feel muscle soreness, joint pain, fatigue and overall discomfort, which can last for several days. Thankfully, our body is prepared to remove the free radicals, through a system of endogenous antioxidant defenses. These include superoxide dismutase (SODs), glutathione peroxidase (GPx), glutathione reductase, and catalase, among others. In addition, there are circulating pro- and anti-inflammatory enzymes that intervene, such as interleukin-6 (IL-6), IL-10, TGF-beta, myeloperoxidase, tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha) and more.

The results with Move!PLX indicate that the active compounds of the ingredient increase the expression of several endogenous antioxidants, while also reducing pro-inflammatory markers.




A total of 5 clinical studies have been performed with Move!plx. The use of nutritional supplements such as move!PLX can increase endogenous free radical scavenging and help muscle recovery after exercise, therefore helping to reduce the risk of injury. The result: consumers can maintain their healthy lifestyle.

Antioxidant support. Oxidative stress increases in response to many factors, including physical exercise. High levels of oxidative stress can cause tissue damage, especially in the muscles. Therefore, reducing oxidative stress is key for a quick recovery after exercise, as well as during our daily lifestyle. To this end, move!plx helps lowering oxidative stress-related blood markers in post-exercise volunteers, speeding up their recovery time. This is due to the ingredient increasing native antioxidant enzymes present in the bloodstream.

Anti-inflammatory support. Muscle/joint inflammation can occur after physical exercise, and is one of the reasons for muscle soreness and joint discomfort. Also, inflammation of the joints is common during aging, and can cause loss of mobility and elasticity. Studies has shown that anti-inflammatory markers are increased, and pro-inflammatory ones decreased, in blood when taking move!plx. This effect can help the post-exercise recovery, as well as improve mobility and relieve joint-related pain.

Reduce muscle damage markers. Strenuous exercise can cause muscle tissue damage, which can make physical activity painful or, in more extreme cases, impossible to perform until recovery. The results with move!plx  has shown that muscle-damage markers are decreased in blood compared to placebo. Also, participants taking the ingredient reported better mobility and less soreness.

Manage Joint Health. Exercise can have a negative effect on the joints, giving rise to stiffness, soreness, pain or even reduced mobility. Studies has shown that individuals taking Move!PLX perceived less pain and stiffness, with more mobility, possibly due to its effect in increasing endogenous antioxidants and anti-inflammatory markers.

Improve Mood and Sleep. Unfortunately, stress is part of our daily life, and it can affect our mood as well as our quality of sleep. This in turn can affect our daily life, and prevent us from performing physical activity. Clinical studies have shown that individuals taking move!plx perceive better quality of sleep, thereby improving their quality of life and feeling more energetic during the day. Also, less anxiety and hostility was reported by the participants taking the ingredient.







Several studies have shown that move!plx is a great nutraceutical to be combined with other existing products for a synergistic or complementary effect. In this sense, move!plx has been clinically studied and combined with the following ingredients:

  • move!plx  + Collagen
  • move!plx  + Omega3
  • move!plx  + Chondroitin + Glucosamine

The combination of move!plx  with these ingredients have shown to have a synergistic and/or complementary effect, especially at the level of the joints, muscles and exercise-induced pain relief. For example, the combination of move!plx and collagen or with chondroitin/glucosamine helps on one hand to avoid joint injury and pain, as well as promote its recovery and regeneration. 

In another example, move!plx and Omega3 has been clinically proven to increase exercise performance, decreasing fatigue and anxiety.

These are just a few examples of what are the possible formulations that can be performed. In this sense, move!plx is a great companion ingredient for a more complete final product related to exercise performance, post-exercise recovery, and healthy aging products.


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