Metabolaid® is a natural ingredient based on hibiscus 
and lemon verbena extracts. This unique combination 
results in a product that helps individuals with metabolic syndrome improve their health state. ​

  • Help lose weight/lower body mass index (BMI)
  • Decrease “bad” cholesterol (LDL)
  • Decrease blood triglyceride levels
  • Decrease blood pressure
  • Decrease fasting blood glucose levels

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MONTELOEDER, is a Spanish company based in the Mediterranean region, specialized in developing botanical nutraceuticals and natural extracts.

For over 20 years, MONTELOEDER has provided to their clients top- quality health ingredients straight from the Mediterranean.

Our branded ingredients are conceived based on the premises of quality products with proven scientific and clinical effects, which we analyze in collaboration with various renown research centers and hospitals. 

Through rigorous tests and clinical trials, only the best, most efficient ingredients become part of our portfolio. With this approach, we have developed ingredients for sports performance/recovery, obesity and associated health complications, and skin care.  

Recently, the company has gone through a major change, and has included into its portfolio the development of mobile apps to accompany the branded ingredients, providing the partner companies with a new tool to interact with their customers, while providing them useful information regarding the product´s effects, the consumer´s habits, and how they interact with their environment.  

Come, join the revolution!    


Metabolaid is the fruit of more than 5 years of development, combining natural extracts of hibiscus and lemon verbena to obtain a product that combats overweight as well as the associated health complications.

Specifically, clinical studies conducted with Metabolaid showed that the consumers of the ingredient, faced with a weight loss regimen, can lose up to twice as much as if they only followed the diet.

This weight loss was reflected in a decrease in body fat, especially in the abdominal area. In addition, consumers of Metabolaid perceived a decrease in appetite, making it easier to reduce their food intake, and thus lose weight without going hungry.

Other relevant aspects of Metabolaid is its effect on the risk factors characteristic of the metabolic syndrome, such as decreased levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, reduction of blood glucose, as well as blood pressure.

Thus, it not only helps to lose weight without going hungry, but it improves the associated health complications, resulting in an optimal ingredient to complement a weight loss regimen.



Recently METABOLAID is part of the European project INNOPREFAT. One of the objectives of this project is to make citizens aware of obesity, the metabolic syndrome and its health complications. In addition, it allows to develop studies with Metabolaid, showing with a large-scale clinical study the effects of the ingredient in managing appetite, and helping to burn fat in a healthy and natural way.

Once the consumer purchases the product and downloads the app, the application will help the consumer monitor their daily habits (eating hours and frequency, sleep) as well as allow the connection to other wearable devices to detect health-related parameters (heart rate, steps taken, body weight).  

For example, Metabolaid is known to have a significant effect in controlling a consumer´s appetite. Therefore, the consumer will be able to detect changes in their diet (such as avoiding mid-meal snacks, or reduce food intake) even before they would otherwise notice if they did not use the mobile application. 

Also, the app will measure the consumer´s motivation with the product and their subsequent adherence to lifestyle changes. The latter will be assessed in the form of questions regarding their mood and how they feel at certain moments of the day.   

Therefore, the Metabolaid app combines consumer appreciation of the product, changes in lifestyle habits and digital tracking, giving the users a personalized, exclusive connection with the product, and ultimately a more detailed control over their overall health.  

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