The ingredient already has a service associated based on technology. There is available an app that manages part of the customer journey associated to the ingredient. We expect from the client interest in the ingredient and the funcionality of the app that manages the customer consumption journey somehow fits part of it expectations. But most likely, the ingredient will be part of a formula and other functionalities or other parts of the customer journey will be needed to include in the App. In this case, is better to advice the customer to perform a pilot test with the functionality already developed and gather the data to analyze to what extend it covers the consumption customer journey. 

The client provides its own functional ingredient/ formulation and all the relevant related information (scientific data, effectivity results, action points…).

Monteloeder designs a clinical trial to understand customer journey and correlate the values provided by our client with the Real World Evidence (RWE) taking into account the state of the art. Incorporate all this gathered knowledge in the development of an app to allow consumer individualized follow up and acompany during the consumption experience. App piloting and improvement process. 

The client will share all the information with Monteloeder under non disclosure agreement. It is important to be completely transparent and share the formula’s full knowledge in order to develop a solution that complies with the excellent quality standards that we are committed with. 

With a functional target as starting point, Monteloeder will do the research and development of an ingredient or formulation that suits our client’s needs.

Based on the first in vitro trials, pilot and clinical trials will be designed and implemented following Monteloeder’s methodology in order to identify the key points to comunicate with consumers and understand the customer journey.

Development of an app for personalized consumer follow up and relevant data compilation.

Once the basic functionalities and features are stablished, pilot launch to identify points to improve and further interesting functionalities to be included. 

The total cost per project will depend on different factors as the trials characteristics and the app development complexity. The extent and development of the app will depend on our client requirements and interests considering the associated cost.

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