Since its founding, MONTELOEDER’s history has been tied to a continued commitment to innovation and quality in the nutraceutical industry. At MONTELOEDER, we continuously invest in research projects that allow us to adapt to new market needs and launch industrial processes that are increasingly effective and safe.

Thanks to our constant R&D efforts, in a few years we have been able to adapt to the new Health 3.0 revolution in the nutraceutical industry using our BRANDED INGREDIENTS based on innovation and technology, big data and the management of healthy habits through mobile technology and wearable devices.

Our ingredients, which are primarily obtained from nature, undergo numerous studies at our facilities, where we evaluate their physical characteristics as well  as their behavior and effectiveness in humans. We perform studies on purity and safety as well as in vitro or in vivo efficacy.

Aside from innovating in the area of ingredients, our technical department also works closely with clients to help identify effective solutions for their formulation issues with dietary supplements or functional foods.

At Monteloeder, we understand that every region and culture has different preferences and tastes, which is why our technical team provides personalized attention to each project. This begins with learning about the specific needs of our clients and ends with delivering products on time.

Our R&D department plays a key role in the company’s ultimate goal of providing customers with the right formula or ingredient at the right time.


Monteloeder has been awarded with numerous research projects both National and European.


Organization Project title Year
IMPIVA Obtención de extractos naturales por medio de CO2-supercrítico a partir de matrices mediterráneas 2006
IMPIVA Obtención de extractos naturales por medio de CO2-supercrítico a partir de matrices mediterráneas 2007
IMPIVA Búsqueda de extractos y principios activos naturales con capacidad antimicrobiana. Aplicaciones en alimentación 2007
IMPIVA Estudio experimental de microencapsulación de ingredientes funcionales para uso alimentario 2009

Ministerio de Industria Turismo y Comercio
Estudio de viabilidad previo a actividades de I+D para el Desarrollo de Procesos Integrados para la Extracción de Ingredientes Funcionales Mediterráneos con Fluidos Supercríticos y Acción  complementaria para la Preparación como Proyecto EUREKA 2006
PROFIT Desarrollo Integrado de Procesos para la Extracción de Ingredientes Mediterráneos mediante Fluidos Supercríticos DIPEXMED 2007
Conselleria d’indústria y Comerç. Generalitat Valenciana Desarrollo de nuevos productos basado en tecnología supercrítica, modelización e ingeniería. 2009
LÍNEA CDTI-BANCA 2010 Instalación para el granulado, extractado y secado de materiales vegetales. Ensayos experimentales y escalados. 2010
CDTI Obtención de un ingrediente funcional para el tratamiento y la prevención de la esteatosis hepática (hígado graso) con aplicaciones en los sectores alimentario y nutracéutico” LIVERFAT 2012

Program CIEN
Investigación y  Desarrollo experimental de nuevos alimentos más saludables y envases  avanzados”, AVANZA-S 2014


Organization Project title Year
Fifth Framework Programme of the EU Searching for new extracts and compounds from plants and industry by-products for nutraceutical and cosmetic purposes. 2002
EUREKA programme of the EU Development of Integrated Processes for Extraction with Supercritical Fluids of Mediterranean Food Ingredients “DIPEXMED 2007
EUROSTARS programme of EU “Production of a natural plant cross linker from olive waste for leather tanning (TaniXing)” 2008
H2020 SME Instrument Phase I  of EU Natural Food formulation for the prevention and treatment the Obesity and Metabolic syndrome obtained with herbal extracts 2015
INNOPREFAT Natural Food formulation for the prevention and treatment the Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome obtained with herbal extracts. 2017

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