Controlled processes:

• Harvesting raw materials.

• Approving production processes.   

• Extracting the properties of each ingredient.

• Analyzing the purity of components, microbiology, heavy metals, trace solvents...

• Storing, shipping and distributing products to countries in four continents. Our ingredients and extracts are used in nutricosmetic and nutraceutical products throughout the world.

Since our beginnings, our goal has been to address the specific needs of each client by providing the best nutraceutical solutions in the form of innovative and high-quality natural products. By adapting to the trends of a constantly changing reality through innovation, research and technology, we can develop new products based on health sciences and technology while guaranteeing maximum quality throughout the process.

We are committed to excellence and differentiation through the desire to continuously improve our products and services. All of our products undergo rigorous internal quality controls and comply with the strictest quality regulations. We hold the following certifications:

Halal: Suitable for Muslim consumers

FDA Registered

ISO 9001:2015

SEK: Kosher
Suitable for Jewish consumers



Codex Alimentarius

NSF/ANSI 173, Sec. 8
(21 CFR 111)
(21 CFR 117)

The company has received
funding from the 
European Union’s Horizon 2020
 research and innovation programme
under grant agreement
No 783838 



The Management of the company Monteloeder, S.L., dedicated to the:

  • Development of health ingredients with clinical studies that prove their efficiency and results.
  • Development of preventive health solutions based on health ingredients that work, ability to measure its impact and technology to manage their habits.
  • Distribution, formulation, packaging and blending of nutritional complements.
  • Distribution, storage, packaging and importation of sweeteners.
  • Distribution, storage, packaging and importation of non-coloring additives and sweeteners for human use.

For use in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and animal feed industries.

The following document has the objective of establishing the main guidelines of the company with the purpose of:

  • Ensuring the continuous improvement of the services given, always satisfying both the solicited requests by the stakeholders as well as the legal and/or regulations that must be applied.
  • Provide a framework to establish and revise the quality objectives.
  • That our stakeholders perceive and value our continued improvement.
  • Reach a high level of fidelity of our stakeholders.

To this end, and using as reference the Quality Management System that establishes the following guidelines:

  • The Managers assume the commitment of complying with the Quality Protocol, the objectives and LEAD the development and implantation of the Management System, always searching for the path that leads to continuously improving efficiency.
  • The personnel must comply with the guidelines indicated in the manuals and procedures, by always considering the possible risks.
  • A continuous communication with the stakeholders, to understand their needs and adapt accordingly.
  • Increase the formation level of the personnel that in turn increases their personal satisfaction, provides a favorable work environment, and improves the services provided.
  • The organization uses the methodology of risk assessment in the processes to prevent the possible deviations or non-conformity of the quality management system.

The Management of Monteloeder, S.L. signs the present policies and assumes the commitment of maintaining and extending to the general public the content of the present policies.

Managing Director

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