MONTELOEDER’s company strategy combines three dimensions of change (RENOVATION, INNOVATION, DISRUPTION) 

to profit from the deep knowledge the company has about botanical active principles found in natural botanical extracts, sophisticated formulation production and the development of highly advanced health ingredients supported by gold standard clinical trials.   

At the same time the company is grasping, through new competencies development, the new opportunities that are stemming from changes in consumer behaviours and disrupting technology as digital, mobile and AI that is leading to the reinvention of the health ingredients, supplements and the preventive health industry.

The RENOVATION dimension is focussed on evolving the building blocks of our ingredient value proposition: botanical extracts and formulations. Monteloeder is implementing new approaches as supply chain transparency, full row material traceability, production sustainability, GMP certification  and full regulatory compliance in the different markets the company is operating. This new approaches are guiding the evolution of our more traditional value proposition (botanical extracts and formulations) to adapt it to the new times and requirements of the society.

Our branded ingredients are the core of our INNOVATION strategic dimension aimed to the creation of a new category of top quality functional health ingredients. Based on high quality single ingredients, the company develops formulation targeted to specific health conditions which effectiveness is validated by gold standard clinical trials. All our branded ingredients are design to have short, medium and long term effects to help our clients to engage the final consumers in new ways demonstrating the effectiveness managing her/his health.

Renovation and Innovation is helping the company to evolve and growth at a breath-taking pace.  

In the third dimension, DISRUPTION, Monteloeder goes a step further and bets fearlessly in the creation of a new category and market of effective and measurable preventive health solutions, Digital Nutraceuticals,  bringing together gold standard natural health ingredients with digital and mobile technologies applying a methodology that combines all the elements of product design and digital technology from the very beginning.

Monteloeder is shifting its previous business definition to the broader problem of helping its B2B client to manage the preventive health of their consumers and how to better serve them by using scenarios to think outside of the box from what the current health ingredient is to what it could be if it thinks about managing the preventive health of their consumers by being customer-centric.

Join us in this tantalizing journey of the defining the health ingredient industry of the future!


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