The first thing we do every day is to listen to our customers, the companies from the health foods industry, only then we start developing our functional ingredients. Our value and our innovation is to bring measurable health thru clinical studies combined with digital technology; as a result our customers can make use of big data to understand better the consumers and give them a personalized proposal.


MONTELOEDER, is a Spanish company based in the Mediterranean region, specialized in developing botanical nutraceuticals and natural extracts.

For over 20 years, MONTELOEDER has provided to their clients top- quality health ingredients straight from the Mediterranean.

Our branded ingredients are conceived based on the premises of quality products with proven scientific and clinical effects, which we analyze in collaboration with various renown research centers and hospitals. 

Through rigorous tests and clinical trials, only the best, most efficient ingredients become part of our portfolio. With this approach, we have developed ingredients for sports performance/recovery, obesity and associated health complications, and skin care.  

Recently, the company has gone through a major change, and has included into its portfolio the development of mobile apps to accompany the branded ingredients, providing the partner companies with a new tool to interact with their customers, while providing them useful information regarding the product´s effects, the consumer´s habits, and how they interact with their environment.  

We consider our clients as partners in a journey towards personalized health and wellness. Together we create digital health solutions, combining quality branded ingredients with mobile technology.  

Come, join the revolution!    

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