Combining scientific rigor with market trends and needs, each of these ingredients is supported by scientific research, with preclinical studies (both in vitro to in vivo) and including also human clinical trials that demonstrate both efficacy and safety at the recommended dosage.

We work closely with different Academic Institutions (Universities, Research Centres, hospitals, etc.) to ensure that the developed ingredients are of utmost quality and efficiency. Only through rigorous scientific research is it possible to obtain products that the consumer can trust.  


Natural support to combat metabolic syndrome. An exclusive combination of lemon verbena and hibiscus sabdariffa extracts.

This exclusive combination of lemon verbena and Hibiscus sabdariffa fights against the factors associated with metabolic syndrome:

  • Abdominal obesity (central).    
  • High blood pressure.    
  • High fasting blood glucose levels.
  • Low levels of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL).  
  • High triglycerides.    

Consuming MetabolAid® over a two-month period improved anthropometric parameters, lowered systolic blood pressure and heart rate levels, and improved the lipid profile (first clinical trial, 46 volunteers)    

Consuming MetabolAid® contributed to weight loss and the reduction of body fat. 

It also controlled the feeling of hunger and cravings for tasty, fatty, sweet and salty foods, and increased the sensation of fullness (second clinical trial, 54 volunteers).


MONTELOEDER has co-developed Nutroxsun®, one of the most successful branded ingredients in the world. 100,000,000 dosages are created each year 
for over 1,800,000 users, the equivalent of Hamburg’s population.

Natural oral sun care from within. This innovative formula is obtained from Mediterranean citrus and rosemary extracts with a synergistic effect capable of fighting against the most common harmful effects of UV radiation.

  • Enables prolonging the exposure to UV radiation by up to 56%. 
  • Speeds up the body’s recovery after overexposure to the sun and further reduces skin redness by up to 17% during a 25-hour period.    
  • Increases the skin’s elasticity by up to 9%.  
  • Reduces wrinkle depth by up to 15%.


An active ingredient for active people. A natural plant extract that has been shown in clinical trials to combat the effects of oxidative stress. Athletes can use MOVE!PLX® to boost their performance.

MOVE!PLX® is a botanical extract from the Lippia citriodora plant (also known as Aloysia triphylla or lemon verbena). It is the result of more than 10 years of research (5 clinical trials and 8 scientific publications). Top discoveries:

  • Improves the body’s natural adjustment to exercise by activating the endogenous antioxidant defenses in athletes.
  • Reduces the feeling of fatigue and anxiety.  
  • Reduces muscle and joint damage.  
  • Has anti-inflammatory effects.    
  • Improves sleep quality by up to 44%. 


A multi-component active ingredient based on 4 herbal extracts that act synergistically and complementarily to protect and repair the visible skin damage caused by pollution and amplified by exposure to UV.

Zeropollution provides a new approach to pollution’s effects on the skin: because it can be used both orally and topically.  

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