MONTELOEDER, a family-owned company, begins its journey in Elche, Southeastern Spain.  

This region of the Mediterranean, with over 300 days of sun per year, is rich in botanical plants with many health properties. The family members that founded Monteloeder was aware of this privileged location, and provided extracts to companies around the world.

Soon, the company expanded its services to provide formulation and custom blends for various food & beverage, nutritional and supplemental companies around the world.



The Research and Development department grew to develop branded ingredients. Thanks to collaborations with nearby research centers and hospitals, the first branded ingredients were created for sports (move!PLX), then onto skin care (Nutroxsun, Zeropollution) and obesity (Metabolaid). 



A new concept is incorporated as part of the company´s services: the digital nutraceutical. Branded ingredients are combined with mobile technology and wearable devices, providing a new tool for partner companies to better understand their customers.

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