The MONTELOEDER family business started out in Alicante (Spain) by selling active ingredients for health uses with a natural focus in the food, beverage, nutritional supplements and cosmetics industry.

•   Our natural extracts, which were the main product, became the foundation of a business that has expanded internationally to Asia, the United States and Western Europe with hundreds of botanical extract references, most from the Mediterranean region.

•   The next step was to establish the FORMULATION AND CUSTOM BLENDS service, which adapts ingredients to the final format, such as capsules, tablets or beverages. We also offer an advisory service for aromas, colours and sweeteners, and perform specific analyzes and studies that may be required before a product is launched.



The BRANDED INGREDIENTS division was created. Years spent researching and developing ingredients and our own formulations, and adapting to the latest consumer needs with solid technical and scientific support, have resulted in proprietary products such as:

1   SPORTS AND JOINTS market: PLX® (www.plxarea.com).
The first branded ingredient developed by MONTELOEDER that helps reduce oxidative stress, muscle damage and joint swelling caused by physical activity.

2   BEAUTY AND ANTI-AGEING market: NUTROXSUN® (www.nutroxsun.com) sunscreen.
This innovative formula is obtained from Mediterranean citrus and rosemary extracts with a synergistic effect capable of fighting against the most common harmful effects of UV radiation.


All the branded ingredients are backed by scientific studies performed at renowned public and private institutions that specialise in sports, beauty and nutrition.



We took a qualitative leap TOWARDS THE FUTURE by positioning our line of BRANDED INGREDIENTS to help clients face the current HEALTH 3.0 REVOLUTION.

The BRANDED INGREDIENTS, which focus on self-care, spearhead this new paradigm that combines the output of clinical trials with product efficacy data from consumers and artificial intelligence technologies in order to share results and promote healthy habits through mobile technologies and portable devices.

MONTELOEDER is leading a radical change in how health is approached within the Health 3.0 revolution.
This addresses the shift:

•   From collectives to individuals.
•   From standard service to personalised service.
•   From expectations to proven effectiveness.
•   From selling a product to selling a consumer experience.

We sell our products to clients in approximately 40 countries, primarily the United States as well as Asian and European nations. The sales breakdown is as follows:

•   United States 34%
•   Europe 30%
•   Asia and Oceania 36%

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