A business Opportunity for anti-pollution with natural ingredients

In life, we can not avoid the Ambient (outdoor air pollution). This is a major cause of death and disease globally. The World Health Organisation (WHO) release a report in 2016 indicating that 4.2 million premature deaths worldwide due to Ambient (outdoor air pollution)[1]. There has been increasing research on the effects of ambient pollution on health. Mostly, Pollution causes damage when it is in contact with the airways and skin.

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Monteloeder has officially presented ZeroPollution to the Asian customers during this year edition of Vitafoods Asia. The event took place last week at the Sands & Expo Convention Center in Singapore. There have been many new and existing customers who have approached the Monteloeder stand attracted by both the ZeroPollution concept and the avant-garde design of the stand.

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Air Pollution in Vietnam And the Effects on its People

With the rapid urbanization in South East Asia, most countries in this region were affected by air pollution which includes Vietnam. Vietnam, home to 95 million people and a rapidly developing country is currently facing serious issue of air pollution.

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Monteloeder in Vitafoods: record of new contacts

Vitafoods Europe international trade show took place last week in Geneva. In this edition, more than 22,000 visitors from almost 120 countries attended the fair to see the latest developments in the nutraceutical field as well as meet industry peers.

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Skincare matters for men

A face without spots and wrinkles, radiant and hydrated denote a well-groomed, healthy and elegant appearance. When we do not care and protect our face, agents such as pollution, sun or cold weather end up damaging it. Many people think that only women are aware of this aspect, but more and more men care about their image. We live in a society where the visual plays a very important role and men don’t ignore this reality. Just write the word “skincare for men” in the YouTube search engine and hundreds of videos will pop up. Some of them even have several million views. Or if we write in the Google search engine the same phrase, “skincare for men”, we will have more than 50 million results in front of us.

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It is well known that our health is strongly influenced by a proper diet and appropriate supplementation. This concept can obviously be extended to our skin beauty and care, and the related nutricosmetic sector (beauty from within) is growing in terms of sales and new launches, as evidenced by the large amount of articles and post on this topic.


ZeroPollution: Road tour in Japan

During the first week of March, we have presented ZeroPollution in various cities of Japan. It has been an intense “Road Tour” but we are very satisfied with the reception of the product by the beauty salons of Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Kobe.

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Ozone, the enemy of your skin

Ozone (O3) is considered one of the most important air pollutants in terms of impacts on human health.  But, how can ozone be both good and bad? The answer is, depends on where Ozone is found.

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