Nutroxsun® has obtained the health claim in South Korea for UV protection

On November 11, the MFDA (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety) has approved the health claim “May help to maintain skin health from skin damaged by UV radiation” for Nutroxsun. This has been possible due to the good work of the Korean company Natural F&P, that from the beginning informed Monteloeder that their main goal was to get the health claim approved.

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“UV protetion effect ” The solution of summer market

In Korea, The ultraviolet rays are particularly strong in summer. Therefore, the customer is showing interest in the products related to UV protection. 

Among many types of UV protection products in Korea, People are always considered new sunscreen products based on their skin types. Mostly If someone has sensitive skin, they are avoiding to use sunscreen products with high SPF that can cause irritation or reaction on the skin. Thus, there are new movements are targeting at this UV market as the solution of the summer market.  

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Skincare matters for men

A face without spots and wrinkles, radiant and hydrated denote a well-groomed, healthy and elegant appearance. When we do not care and protect our face, agents such as pollution, sun or cold weather end up damaging it. Many people think that only women are aware of this aspect, but more and more men care about their image. We live in a society where the visual plays a very important role and men don’t ignore this reality. Just write the word “skincare for men” in the YouTube search engine and hundreds of videos will pop up. Some of them even have several million views. Or if we write in the Google search engine the same phrase, “skincare for men”, we will have more than 50 million results in front of us.

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It is well known that our health is strongly influenced by a proper diet and appropriate supplementation. This concept can obviously be extended to our skin beauty and care, and the related nutricosmetic sector (beauty from within) is growing in terms of sales and new launches, as evidenced by the large amount of articles and post on this topic.


ZeroPollution: Road tour in Japan

During the first week of March, we have presented ZeroPollution in various cities of Japan. It has been an intense “Road Tour” but we are very satisfied with the reception of the product by the beauty salons of Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Kobe.

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