Nutroxsun® has obtained the health claim in South Korea for UV protection

On November 11, the MFDA (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety) has approved the health claim “May help to maintain skin health from skin damaged by UV radiation” for Nutroxsun. This has been possible due to the good work of the Korean company Natural F&P, that from the beginning informed Monteloeder that their main goal was to get the health claim approved.

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Digital solutions to fight against obesity

Obesity is defined as an accumulation of excessive or abnormal fat that can affect health. To determine if an adult suffers from obesity, the body mass index (BMI) is used, which is calculated from weight and height (kg / m2). An adult is considered to be overweight when their BMI is equal to or greater than 25 kg / m2 and obesity when it is equal to or greater than 30 kg / m2. In children, however, reference tables are used according to age and sex to identify excess weight.

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“UV protetion effect ” The solution of summer market

In Korea, The ultraviolet rays are particularly strong in summer. Therefore, the customer is showing interest in the products related to UV protection. 

Among many types of UV protection products in Korea, People are always considered new sunscreen products based on their skin types. Mostly If someone has sensitive skin, they are avoiding to use sunscreen products with high SPF that can cause irritation or reaction on the skin. Thus, there are new movements are targeting at this UV market as the solution of the summer market.  

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Japan-EU free trade agreement

After a long process of negotiations that began in 2013 and not without differences between both parties, finally the European Union and Japan signed a Free Trade Economic Agreement on 1 February. Specifically, the Agreement contemplates the elimination of tariffs between both geographical areas. In addition to facilitating economic transactions between both economies, this milestone involves sending a clear message from two of the world’s most prosperous economies that international trade is moving in the opposite direction of protectionism and towards globalization. It supposes a brave bet in the present times where in some western countries the populisms that champion protectionism and anti-globalization messages enjoy more and more followers.

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World Hypertension Day

Today is World Hypertension Day. High blood pressure is one of the most prevalent health conditions in the world, with almost half of adults in certain regions affected Also, it is called the “silent killer”, as it is the deadliest risk factor for global death, and its presence is unknown by a large number of adults.

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The functional food market of South Korea 2019

The hope and concern always coexist in New Year all the time, but Many economists predict a pessimistic view about the macroeconomic situation of South Korea in 2019. In this situation, the Korea functional food industry is also expecting the sales slow over this year. Because The Korea functional foods market has been grown over several years but it can not be ignored the external environment and also, there are increased competitor due to a market extension. 

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EIC Corporate Day with Evonik

On February 5th and 6th, Monteloeder representatives went to Essen, Germany, to participate in the EIC Corporate Day with Evonik. EIC is the European Innovation Council, which organizes meetings and network opportunities for SMEs and start-ups that have received funds from the SME instrument, Fast Track to Innovation and FET-Open programs, giving them the opportunity to present their innovations to large companies in the EU.

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Worries on growing unidentified source of food supplement

If we access to famous social media platforms in Malaysia, namely Facebook and Wechat, there are flooded with advertisements about food supplements. Take a closer look these products are not been given very important information including ingredient list, manufacturer details, and registration with the ministry of health.

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