Mediterranean ingredients, healthy supplements

The Nutraceutical Industry is growing every year, people is concerned more and more about their health and using all the information they can obtain only by clicking in Google, they are ready to prevent any future diseases by taking care about the food they daily intake.

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Beauty is only Skin Deep

Nutritional Ingredients to Protect our Skin from the Sun

It is of common knowledge that skin cancer is currently one of the most common forms of cancer, whose prevalence has more than doubled in the last 2 decades. Therefore, it is very important to protect your skin and avoid skin damage due to excess sun exposure, which in recent years has become more dangerous as a consequence of climatic changes.

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Thinking big, working hard by Núria Torres

As everyone knows, USA is the biggest market for the dietary supplements around the world. With the highest competence trying to enter and have a little part of the cake, companies are forced to work hard, work well and think in new and attractive strategies to be on the top of the wave.

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