Monteloeder has officially presented ZeroPollution to the Asian customers during this year edition of Vitafoods Asia. The event took place last week at the Sands & Expo Convention Center in Singapore. There have been many new and existing customers who have approached the Monteloeder stand attracted by both the ZeroPollution concept and the avant-garde design of the stand.

Pollution is something that is increasing as societies become more industrialized and our skin suffers the effects of it. ZeroPollution has been designed to prevent and cure the harmful effects of pollution on our skin. After being transferred from Hong Kong to Singapore, Vitafoods has been winning in number of exhibitors. We hope that the organization continues working on the promotion of the event so that it continues to grow and gain relevance.

Chinese delegation

presentación Monteloeder china. Vitafoods

On the first day of the Fair, Monteloeder had the opportunity to present both the company and the products to a delegation of Chinese companies in the sector. After the presentation, the Chinese delegation presented a commemorative diploma of the event. Of the different products presented, the attendees were especially interested in ZeroPollution; Nutroxsun, our oral sunscreen; and MetabolAid, our ingredient for metabolic syndrome.


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