Marcos and Jon at Evonik

EIC Corporate Day with Evonik

On February 5th and 6th, Monteloeder representatives went to Essen, Germany, to participate in the EIC Corporate Day with Evonik. EIC is the European Innovation Council, which organizes meetings and network opportunities for SMEs and start-ups that have received funds from the SME instrument, Fast Track to Innovation and FET-Open programs, giving them the opportunity to present their innovations to large companies in the EU.

Evonik specifically was looking for novel approaches in healthcare and personal care, including medical devices, tissue engineering, new personal care products and food ingredients. A total of 16 companies participated in the meeting, coming from a wide variety of countries: Portugal, Spain, Israel, Austria, Sweden and more.

Marcos at Evonik

Marcos at Evonik. In front

We at Monteloeder presented our ingredient Metabolaid as well as our digitalization approach. Personalized nutrition and preventive medicine is a hot topic in the health and wellness sector. To this end, we presented to Evonik our combined solution of health ingredient with a mobile app that helps consumers understand the benefits of taking the ingredient for their health, as well as guide them to implement healthy lifestyle habits.

Marcos and Jon at Evonik 2

This approach has been developed with Metabolaid, where we are currently in the process of performing a pilot test with a dairy company that will provide a yogurt-based product that contains Metabolaid, as well as a mobile app, to 1000 participants, for 3 months. The mobile app includes daily reminders to take the product, rewards the consumer for being compliant with a trophy-based reward system, and includes weekly challenges to help introduce healthy habits in an easy, fun way.


The meeting included a short pitch from the SMEs, along with 1-to-1 meetings with Evonik investors and senior representatives for a more personal, detailed discussion.

It was a great honor and pleasure to be in Evonik’s headquarters and contact with senior-level authorities of the company. We thank the EIC for this unique opportunity and hope to continue participating in further meetings around Europe.

Group Evonik

Dr. Jonathan Jones, PhD

Product Development Manager,

Digital Health Scientific Adviser




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