good companies

Bad companies never bring anything good

In professional relationships as in life it is quite important to know how to choose the companies and the people you want to be around, prioritizing those who bring us added value and will make us grow up till levels difficult to reach surrounded by flat people.

In the world of sourcing of botanical extracts there are many companies that perform a work entirely focused on trading, a smaller number of companies that divide their activity between mere trading in addition to own manufacture of certain products together with additional services, and very few companies true manufacturers of the products they offer to the public.

Within the group that make up the first ones entirely dedicated to trading, we must distinguish between suppliers that do mere trading without controlling the products analytically, focused solely on the profit without providing any added value versus those suppliers that carry the trading at a higher optimal control level and so offering a high added value service analytically speaking, controlling anytime the offered products.

A good selection of those suppliers able to offer a wide range of reliable products in small quantities may depend on the sustainability of our company if our volumes do not allow us to touch the sensitive fiber of interest from true manufacturers.

If it were up to me, an added service contribution together with an attractive price will always be more lucrative in the long term than a super economic spot price of suspicious products without any added quality rigor.

In that sense, Monteloeder believes that working with the best companies in both products and services is always a guarantee of quality and sustainability, always in support of the commitment required of our most demanding customers.

Andres Jordan

Director of Operations