The importance of finding the true partner in China

There are many who want to be but just few who bet hard for it.

When you decide to identify a true partner of botanical extracts -and applicable to many other industrial sectors- that distributes or sells Asian products, especially from China, you can get many unattended surprises.

You will find supposed reliable partners who will not easily stop talking trying to convince you of the quality of their goods and services.

You will find those who promise you all the guarantees for products that are not really the ones you are looking for… just in case.

You will find those who will introduce as own some extraction and manufacturing factories for requested goods that really belong to other partners companies.

Even you will find those who will offer you some ‘private’ rewards if you manage to implement their products in your company, especially if you work for a mid-large organization and your purchases are recurrent.

In most of the cases you will have to dig a lot, talk to many trusted persons, try out products, benchmark them and keep an exhaustive exercise of traceability of purchased goods to finally find that reliable partner who will offer you its quality products but also will share his experience with you for a better distribution and sale of the goods in your area of deployment.

Indeed that is the true diamond to find whether you wish a sustainable long-term trip of your company in the market. On the other hand, do not pretend to obtain incredible benefits from the very beginning but at least built a resilient business with well-distributed earnings being closed to added-value partners for your company.

There are just few ones who are truly valuable and you better take good care of them.

Andrés Jordan

Director of Operations