Manuscript: Metabolaid® Combination of Lemon Verbena and Hibiscus Flower Extract

We are happy to announce that a new study with our weight loss product Metabolaid has been recently published.

In this report, our experts Dr. Nuria Caturla and Dr. Jonathan Jones identify the mechanisms of action of the ingredient, as well as the synergisms of its components.

Specifically, Metabolaid was shown, in mice, to increase AMPK expression in the adipose tissue and liver, which acts as a metabolic switch in the cells, activating lipid degradation and inhibiting adipogenesis. Also, the ingredient acts upon the appetite-regulating gut hormones adiponectin and leptin.

These effects resulted in the treated mice, which were on a high-fat diet, to weigh less, present less body fat, improved lipidic and a glycemic blood profile, and less proinflammatory markers when compared to control mice on the same diet. Another relevant result is that Metabolaid presented similar or better results than Garcinia cambogia, which was used at 2.5 times higher dosage.

The article is open access, feel free to download at the following link: