Monteloeder’s Digital Health solution for obesity: Metabolaid

Monteloeder has coined the concept of “Digital Nutraceutical”, which combines food & nutrition supplements with digital technology, resulting in a complete, personalized health solution.

The key to success is to consider the digitalization process from the beginning of product development. This is the case of Metabolaid, a branded ingredient focused on helping consumers lose weight without feeling hungry.


The clinical studies performed for Metabolaid included the use of a continuous blood pressure monitor in the form of a watch (Bpro, from HealthStats), as a substitute of the classic Holter method, which is much more cumbersome.

In another study, an activity tracker developed by the Spanish company Sanidoctor was used, which is capable of measuring many biological parameters, such as steps taken, heart rate, sleep, blood pressure, oxygen levels in the blood, etc. The results of the clinical studies using wearable devices allow to better understand the consumer’s experience with the product, as well as how it relates to their daily habits. With the results of the clinical studies, a mobile app was developed to accompany Metabolaid, allowing consumers to track their intake of the supplement as well as the results of taking the product (weight loss and appetite).

This is the true value of digitalization, the automation of behavior and environment tracking, in order to allow more precise, personalized and user-friendly health solutions.

Jonathan Jones, PhD

Product Development Manager


Meet us at our Stand H59 at Vitafoods Europe, Geneva, May 15th-17th, to find out the benefits of Metabolaidour project EU H2020, the natural remedy to help lose weight and improve your health.


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