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South Korea, A new angle of PLX on the market of senior-friendly food products

The world is rapidly becoming an aging society and also, South Korea will become the world’s most aged society by 2050 due to a prolonged average lifespan and an extremely low birth rate. Thus, A part of silver food market will be increased in the change of food consumption patterns.

Based on the existent food classification standard in Korea, The senior-friendly food products are include functional food, special purpose food, traditional fermented food, ginseng food and tofu groups. These are all likely to recognize as a nutritionally supplement food concept.

To develop the senior-friendly food product as staple foods need a standard based on physical problems like eating disorders, indigestion, and dysmasesis. But the nutrition and functional supplement markets in Korea are focused on more specific products for age-related changes in health maintenance based on accurate information. For example, General information about the older we grow, we lose muscle tissue, hormonal change, memory and also, the cartilage or bone erodes and joints wither away. Thus, The functional supplements targeted at elderly groups with a claim as reduce bone density loss, prostate health, menopausal symptoms for female or male, hypomnesis and articulation health with tablet, granular powder as soluble in worder and jelly types.

Recently, Monteloeder Korea office diverts the target market of PLX from sport to joint for senior aged 50 or olderPLX is the first branded ingredient developed by MONTELOEDER that helps oxidative stress, muscle damage and joint swelling caused by intense physical activity.  Up to now, PLX is targeting a sports drink market based on the Pre-clinical and clinicals are open to diverse interpretations for mechanism and functional of PLX but we realized that it could be reinterpretation that helps joint health through anti-inflammation and anti-oxidation.

One of interpretations describe that the functional compound of PLX; Verbascoside selectively prevented LDL oxidation by peroxynitrite and down-regulated genes that are associated with oxidative stress and inflammation in response to oxLDL.1)

And another study also significant inhibitory effect (p<0.05) on myeloperoxidase (MPO) activity as inflammation marker in PLX supplemented group compared with the control group. 2)

The Korea market for senior-friendly food is expected to grow to KRW16 trillion six hundred billion by 2020. 3)Therefore, PLX is also expected to be a big market that widely used in senior-friendly functional food as a nutritionally supplement in Korea. 

Jane Lee

Korea Sales Manager



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3) Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (South Korea).