Quality Assurance: A Continuous Improvement System

Quality Assurance within an organization is an important factor that helps generate satisfied customers, of its employees, and provides tools for integral management.

In an ever-demanding market, it is necessary to comply with quality standards in order to be competitive.

The Quality Assurance departments are increasingly committed to continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, as well as standardization and control of processes.

Maintaining and meeting the quality requirements of our customers are a constant need to ensure the safety of the ingredients that will go to the final consumer.

Quality control and continuous improvement may seem like two independent concepts, but must go hand in hand in order to have a maximum control over services and processes.

The Quality Assurance Department is like a living entity, continuously revising to detect as soon as possible the deficiencies and risks in order to act quickly and implement improvements. The continuous review of procedures, follow-up of corrective actions and training of all the personnel involved keeps us alive throughout the manufacturing process of our ingredients.

The implementation of a good HACCP system, the daily work under GMP manufacturing standards and a good management system ISO 9001: 2015 allows us to ensure the innocuousness of our ingredients, their traceability and safety for our customers.

Quality Assurance Team

Elena Rico / Ana Peral